Inlays with VCarve

The next installment of our CNC Saturday Series

Date(s):March 7, 2020
Time:10am – 12noon (2hrs)
Registration Deadline – seven days before class

Click on Course Code (above) to enroll

Course Fee: $50 (see below)

Instructor: Allan Tuchman

Class Description: In this CNC Mini-Class, we cover creating inlays with your CNC router. Inlays are a natural use for the CNC router. They can cut both the pocket and the inlay piece precisely. VCarve software offers additional tools for cutting inlays to create exceptionally accurate matching. In this class you will learn to create inlays using the VCarve Inlay Toolpath. Then you will learn a technique called V-Inlay which is a game-changing way to overcome some of the main problems cutting standard inlays on a CNC router. We’ll discuss the benefits of each method and go through several inlay examples.

Class Size: 3 – 10 students

Special Pricing: $40 for students who have taken our CNC class at Parkland or who have received private training from the instructor. For details, ask at the checkout counter in the Store.

Discount Pricing: purchase 4 classes in the series, and get one free! For details, ask at the checkout counter in the Store.

Special Location: CUWS Owners Lounge, 1401 Parkland Ct., Champaign (adjacent to our Store)

Online Enrollment: Just click on the Course Code (above) of the session in which you wish to enroll; our standard class Policies apply. For sessions without a Course Code link (i.e. works-in-progress), please send email to and include the Course Code (or date and time) of the class that you wish to take. We will make sure that you are enrolled in the class!

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