Krympburkar Shrink Pots

Scandinavian-Style Shrink Boxes

Date(s):to be announced, 2019
Time:(x hrs) to be announced
Registration Deadline – seven days before class

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Instructor: Jim Anderson

Class Description: Learn to work with green wood and create a carved container starting with freshly cut wood. This traditional carving and hollowing process is a great project for any level of woodworker. There are many variations on Krympburkar designs and the instructor will work with students to help guide design choices and instruct participants on proper tool use and safety.

What you may ask is a Krympburkar? Also known as a Shrink-Pot, they are vessels made by working green wood with traditional hand tools. For centuries hand tools were used to hollow a log or branch before fitting it with a dry wood base. The hollowed green wood shrinks around the loosely fitted base, shrinking until it makes a nice tight fit. Students in this class will create their own Krympburkar using traditional tools; a T-auger and Scandinavian carving knives. The first session will focus on carving out the green wood and fitting a dry wood base. The second session will focus on using hand tools to make a lid and finishing with oil, or color. Join us and discover this historical approach to traditional Scandinavian woodworking.

Skill Development:

  • Wood Selection
  • Design Considerations
  • Hollowing
  • Shaping and Carving
  • Lid Making
  • Bottom construction

Class Size: 3 – 8 students

Online Enrollment: Just click on the Course Code (above) of the session in which you wish to enroll; our standard class Policies apply. For sessions without a Course Code link (i.e. works-in-progress), please send email to and include the Course Code (or date and time) of the class that you wish to take. We will make sure that you are enrolled in the class!

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