Pyrography 101

Greek Meaning: Fire- Writing 

Introduction to Pyrography, techniques, and tool maintenance

Date:November 16, 2019
Time:1pm – 4pm (3 hrs)
Registration Deadline ā€“ seven days before class

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Course Fee: $65

Instructor: Miranda Smith

Class Description:  Creativity is the drive behind any form of art work. Pyrography is the art or technique of decorating wood by burning a design on the surface with a heated metallic point. Participants will learn how basic art fundamentals apply to Pyrography such as balance, proportion, line, form, unity, shading and more.  The class will introduce the proper use of the equipment and tools along with how they are intended to function. We will also discuss the origin of Pyrography as well as the history on the advancements of tools and equipment over the centuries.  Students will learn correct posture and body position to use each tool safely and efficiently. The class will also cover basic cleaning techniques and general tool maintenance. All the basic information to begin using and maintaining a Pyrography set of tools will be covered. Learners will participate in a hands-on project/ demo that shows the process of using different techniques to create an image on a soft wood. 

Skill Development:

  • Wood-burning Safety
  • History and tools
  • Art and Design Techniques
  • Wood Selection
  • Shading with a burning tool
  • Choosing and creating designs and patterns

Class Size: 3 – 8 students

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