Tea Candle Holder and Pen Holder

This hands-on workshop will build two small projects, a tea candle holder and a pen holder, perfect for holiday gift giving or home décor. Students will use the jointer, planer, table saw, drill press and router table to complete their projects.

Date(s):February 25, 2020
Time:6pm – 9pm (3 hrs)
Registration Deadline – seven days before class

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Course Fee: $115

Instructor: Hugh Swiatek

Class Description: In this hands on workshop, you will build to small projects, a tea candle holder and pen holder, perfect for holiday gift giving or as decorative items in your home. We will provide instruction on tool use as it pertains to the project, but on the emphasis will be on completing the projects. During the course we will mill material to mill lumber square and to finished dimension. We will use the drill press to cut inserts for both projects. We will discuss proper glue up technique and glue the tea candle holder during the course. The skills learned building these small projects will transfer to larger projects you wish to build in the future.

Skill Development:

  • Safe use of the jointer and planer in processing materials for the projects
  • Rip and crosscutting on the tablesaw
  • Drill press and router table use

Class Size: 3 – 8 students

Online Enrollment: Just click on the Course Code (above) of the session in which you wish to enroll; our standard class Policies apply. For sessions without a Course Code link (i.e. works-in-progress), please send email to classes@cuwoodshop.com and include the Course Code (or date and time) of the class that you wish to take. We will make sure that you are enrolled in the class!

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