Turned Lidded Container

Time:9:30am – 5pm, each day9:30am – 5pm, each day
Registration Deadline – seven days before class

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Course Fee: $350 – new/reduced price!

Instructor: Corey Anderson

Class Description: This is a weekend class designed for the beginner or intermediate woodturning student. If you are looking to learn new skills or improve your existing skills this class is for you. In this class, students will learn the skills needed to make a wooden container with a friction fit top, how to use a Spindle Roughing Gouge, Spindle Gouge, Parting Tool, sanding and finishing on the lathe. Students will learn the components of a lidded container and turn a “capsule” box on Saturday. On Sunday, the student will turn a lidded container on pedestal base. This class not only will improve your turning skills, but you will have a beautiful and useful wooden container for storing tea, easily adapted to make a honey pot or make a wonderful gift.

Skill Development:

  • Mounting a piece of wood to the Lathe
  • Attaching and using a Four Jaw Chuck
  • Using a Spindle Roughing Gouge
  • Designing a Capsule and Pedestal container
  • Using a Parting Tool
  • Using a Spindle Gouge
  • Sanding and Finishing on the Lathe
  • Removing the Top of the container from the Lathe
  • Removing the Lower portion of the container from the Lathe

Class Size: 3 – 6 students

Online Enrollment: Just click on the Course Code (above) of the session in which you wish to enroll; our standard class Policies apply. For sessions without a Course Code link (i.e. works-in-progress), please send email to classes@cuwoodshop.com and include the Course Code (or date and time) of the class that you wish to take. We will make sure that you are enrolled in the class!

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