Wood Carving 101

Learn basic figure carving using traditional carving knives

Date(s):Jan 11, 2020Mar 14, 2020May 9, 2020July 11, 2020
Time:1pm – 4pm (3 hrs)1pm – 4pm 1pm – 4pm 1pm – 4pm
May 2July 4
Registration Deadline – seven days before class

Click on Course Code (above) to enroll

Course Fee: $75

Instructor: Ron McClellan

Class Description: Get into wood carving with an experienced carver and develop your skills with a wood carving knife. Anyone can learn wood carving if they’re willing to give it a try and take a little time and effort to practice the basic techniques taught in this introductory class. The instructor will demonstrate and explain the process of laying out a carving and creating the basic shape. Participants will work with the rough outs and begin carving their figures. This class is designed to for people who have never picked up a carving knife learn basic carving skills, safety techniques, tools, choose materials, and learn the basic layout process for carving on their own.

Advanced Carvers:

If you already have carving experience and would like to take an additional more challenging class with Ron please email: classes@cuwoodshop.com and request a more advanced lesson. Ron is always happy to work with returning students and create more challenging lessons upon request which can be taught at the same time as the regularly scheduled class.

Skill Development:

  • Layout a basic figure
  • Carve features
  • Learn basic knife technique
  • Choose proper materials for carving
  • Use a carving glove
  • Learn about carving knives

Class Size: 3 – 8 students

Online Enrollment: Just click on the Course Code (above) of the session in which you wish to enroll; our standard class Policies apply. For sessions without a Course Code link (i.e. works-in-progress), please send email to classes@cuwoodshop.com and include the Course Code (or date and time) of the class that you wish to take. We will make sure that you are enrolled in the class!

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